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Fed up of feeling like a prisoner to Separation Anxiety?

We can help you to overcome your dog's separation anxiety so your life can finally go back to normal and your dog feeling happy with alone time.

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Separation Anxiety Specialist

Signs of separation anxiety

- Anxious behaviour before you leave
- Excessive whining, barking or howling
- Door scratching
- Panting and/or drooling
- Toileting inside when usually this isn't a problem
- Destructive behaviour
- Trying to escape

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Feeling like you've tried everything?

Louise Campbell-Pierson SABC is a qualified Separation Anxiety Behaviour Consultant with Julie Naismith. She is on hand to help you with expert specialist guidance and ongoing support to get you to your goal of having a happy dog when home alone. Imagine:


No more stress of being able to just pop to the supermarket
No more turning down those invites for dinner
No more feeling like a prisoner in your own home

It can feel like you’re completely alone and you’ve tried everything and nothing works but I promise there is a way!


Our aim in training is to teach your dog to become confident and happy alone. The most effective way to do this is to do gradual exposure to being left alone. Making sure at every step there is not fear being exhibited, so they learn alone time is not scary.


The training requires commitment from you but this will certainly pay off when you and your dog have a better quality of life together. Separation anxiety is such a specific issue and treated like no other, so we have some set treatment programs we work through with clients which are detailed below.

The SA Pro App

In any of our packages and on-going support programmes you get access to our training app which is specifically designed for separation anxiety training.
The app is where you will get daily personalised training plans, leave feedback, get badges to mark your achievements, track your progress and access other exercises like door is a bore, crate training and magic mat if required.

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Treatment Programmes

We have a variety of treatment programmes available to help all of which include:

- Initial assessment (lasts around 90 minutes)

- 30 minute check in's

- 5 x personalised training plans per week

- 5 x video reviews per week

- Access to the SA Pro Training app

- Unlimited message support

Why Louise?

Hi, i'm Louise - the founder of Canine Friends.


A little about me and my experience in dealing with separation anxiety. I have been a dog trainer for many years now and I found it incredibly hard when I realised my own puppy was struggling despite doing everything right and what I’d been told to do simply wasn’t working.


So I went on a journey to learn more about it and how best to help her in the most ethical way possible, as there’s very few quality and researched methods out there. I then came across Julie Naismith who is an expert in SA and decided to do her SA Pro course to learn and use her scientifically proven methods which is what has helped my own dog get to the point she is today.


Since then, it’s been a passion of mine in helping other owners find that freedom from the SA prison that it can feel like and i'd love to work with you to help you achieve some freedom!


Louise x

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Why is virtual training best for Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is actually best treated remotely. When you think about it, what is it we are trying to teach the dog to be comfortable with? Being alone!

There simply isn't a way to work with this being in the room with both you and your dog or puppy (we haven't quite yet perfected the art of invisibility).

We work
with you, virtually via online consultations, video reviews, easy and convenient ongoing Whatsapp support. We become the trainer in your pocket.

The aim of the game with training is to teach you the methods and give you as much support as you need until you no longer need us!

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