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Louise Campell-Pierson SABC
Founder & Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Louise is based in the U.K. in the village of Boughton-Under-Blean, Kent. She lives there with her Husband Sam and their beautiful Cocker Spaniel Luna. From her home, she works with clients all over the world helping dogs, puppies and their guardians get over Separation Anxiety.

Whilst Louise can help with many areas of training & behaviour, she has a specialist interest in separation anxiety with the majority of her case work involving helping dogs with feeling comfortable being home alone. She is a proud Certified Separation Anxiety Behaviour Consultant (SABC) and is an approved dog trainer with the Dog Training College (DTC-ADT). 


Louise is passionate in providing jargon free, approachable training that creates a fun & happy environment for both dogs and their guardians. She believes in working alongside our dogs developing a partnership by using kind and science backed methods to provide a rock solid foundation for long term results. Louise achieves this through teaching easy to follow techniques and giving dog guardians a deeper understanding of how our dogs learn, why they exhibit certain behaviours and how to ensure a trusting relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Louise uses only force free, positive reinforcement training methods and is a proud member and registered Canine Training Professional of the Pet Professional Guild. She holds multiple qualifications and keeps up with ongoing learning throughout each year to ensure she is continually up to date in the latest science backed methods.  

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Qualifications & Memberships

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Certified Separation Anxiety Behaviour Consultant (SABC) with Julie Naismith

Approved Dog Trainer (DTC-ADT) with the Dog Training College (DTC)

Registered Canine Training Professional with the Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
Member of International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC)

Member of National Institute of Canine Ethics (NICE)

Level 4 Smart Puppy Training Certificate (CIDBT)

Canine Coaching Certificate (Canine Principles)

Dogs & Children Certificate (Canine Principles)

Canine Fear Certificate ((Canine Principles)

Canine Communication Certificate (Canine Principles)

New Puppy Consultation (Canine Principles)
Canine Enrichment (Canine Principles)

Diploma in Canine Training & Behaviour (Ongoing - Canine Principles)

Puppy Development, Care and Coaching Diploma (Ongoing - Canine Principles)

Canine Anxiety Certificate (Ongoing - Canine Principles))

Skills hub member (Canine Principles)

Canine Reactivity Specialist (Dog Training College)
Puppy Training Specialist (Dog Training College)
Canine Body Language Specialist (Dog Training College)

Scent work Specialist (Dog Training College)

Puppy Health & Wellness (Dog Training College)

Understanding Puppy Development (Dog Training College)

Understanding Puppy Biting & Chewing (Dog Training College)

Understanding Puppy Socialisation (Dog Training College)

Canine Emotion (Dog Training College)

Canine Vocalisation (Dog Training College)

Dog - Dog Interactions (Dog Training College)

Dispelling Myths of Dog Training (Dog Training College)

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