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Canine Friends
Separation Anxiety Specialists

Fed up of feeling like a prisoner to separation anxiety?

We can help you to overcome your dog's separation anxiety so your life can finally go back to normal and your dog feeling happy with alone time.

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Canine Friends is run by certified separation anxiety behaviour consultant

Louise Campbell-Pierson SABC DTC-ADT

 We offer specialist separation anxiety programs for clients all over the world!

Are you ready to get started on your journey to having a happy dog home alone?

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Josie & Frank

Orpington, UK

I got in touch with Louise at Canine Friends to help with my dog’s separation anxiety. I cannot recommend her enough! I’ve gone from my dog crying as soon as I left the room to solidly being able to leave him for an hour at a time with no signs of anxiety. I am still on my journey to get him to stay alone for longer periods but without Louise’s help I am 100% sure I would still be at square one. She is so considerate of the challenge with an SA dog having been through it herself, so she can fully relate to how difficult it can be. The training can take time but is so worth it, I can now leave my dog stress free thanks to Louise who made sure I kept up with the training and kept me feeling positive throughout. Huge thanks to Canine Friends I really feel I finally have my life back!
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Sophie & Pep

New York, USA

Couldn’t recommend Louise enough in helping with all our dogs ‘quirks’. She has been amazing at helping us navigate his Separation Anxiety, lead walking, resource guarding and helping us identify his illnesses. We would have been lost without her and she always give you the help and emotional support you need. Her WhatsApp support is amazing, we recieve regular feedback with voice note updates and she has sent us multiple demonstration videos. Thank you for all your help and continued support
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Jess & Arlo

London, UK

Louise has helped us so much with our puppy's separation anxiety. We've been working with her for the past 4-5 months and are so happy with our progress. When we first started working with Louise we couldn't even walk towards the door without our puppy freaking out, now we're at a point we're increasing our departure time most days, and Arlo is now relaxed and sleepy as we do so. We can't believe the difference! She has been an amazing support for when things have been hard and for the first time we actually feel hopeful we'll be able to have a normal life and our freedom back. Thank you Louise :)
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Fully qualified, accredited, experienced & insured


Approved, vetted, reviewed & monitored by external bodies

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Committed to science backed, force free kind training methods

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Committed to continued professional development

Committed to putting ethics first

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