Dog Walking

At Canine Friends, we are committed to providing a premier service in dog walking. Each of our walks can be tailored to your dog's needs, whether that is slow walking pace for elderly dogs on one of our private walks, structure play time on our secure field social walks, or improved training on one of our training walks. We have something that suits every dog and we pride ourself on giving the best to your own canine friend.

All our walks involve plenty of exercise full of enrichment for your dog, old or young, be it on or off the lead, and most importantly a fun experience that your dog will thoroughly enjoy. Our private walking services are fully bespoke to your dog's individual needs and we will accommodate any special requirements your dog has. For details on our training walks, please see here.


Secure Field Social Walks

Our secure field social walks run Monday-Friday in a fantastic purpose build 4 acre drive-in secure field. We ensure that this service is not only a fun social experience for your dog but one that is a structured and beneficial environment.

We do regular recall exercises in between play to work on and improve recall when around other dogs/distractions and asking for basic commands such as sit and stay. It's a fun, safe and secure environment to have not only positive interactions with other dogs but where we continue to practice and reinforce good behaviours with positive reinforcement.

We run both 30 minute & 60 minute secure field socials which both include pick up, drop off, towel dried if necessary, water topped up and our GPS tracked electronic report sent to you via our app which always includes lots of pictures, the time of collection and time of drop off. Our 30 minute socials are open to dogs 6 months up and our 60 minute socials are open to dogs 10 months up.

The field times are below and pick up and drop offs are within the 45 minutes before and after the booked time.

Monday - 11am 60 minutes

Tuesday - 10:30am 60 minutes, 1pm 30 minutes

Wednesday - 11:15am 60 minutes

Thursday - 11:45am 60 minutes, 1pm 30 minutes

Friday - 11am 60 minutes


Private Walks

Our private walk services are completely bespoke to your requirements, be it on or off the lead. We can provide anything from slow walking for elderly dogs to quiet walk routes for reactive dogs. We are experienced in providing walks for a variety of breeds, sizes and temperaments. All our private walk services feature a GPS route tracked report after every walk featuring the time we arrive and leave, our walk route, lots of pictures and a short message on how we got on. You can have complete peace of mind having a walk with one of our experienced canine first aid qualified team members who are all based local to Haywards Heath.

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