Puppy & Dog Training

At Canine Friends our training services can help with a variety of needs including all aspects of puppy training, obedience training for young and adult dogs, loose lead work and recall training. 


Our trainer and founder Louise is on hand to help with a variety of issues and provides force free, scientifically proven positive reward-based training to clients all over Sussex working with owners to achieve their desired goal. She always treats each dog as an individual with each session being completely bespoke to your individual requirements.​​


She is a proud member and registered Canine Training Professional of the Pet Professional Guild - the association of force free pet professionals.  She holds qualifications in canine coaching, dog walking, pet sitting & canine first aid. In addition to this she is currently undertaking the Level 4 Puppy Training Certificate with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, Level 5 Canine Coaching Accredited Diploma & Level 5 Canine Behavioural Accredited Diploma with Canine Principles.

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Puppy Training

Louise has quickly become a sought after puppy trainer in the area, working with owners on everything from choosing the breeder, preparing for arrival of their new puppy right through to trained happy adult dogs. 

Each new puppy training client receives a 60 minute consultation which includes detailed bespoke advice on any aspect of training a puppy plus hands on techniques to start with your puppy right away from arrival. Whilst every session is bespoke to your individual requirements, as a guide Louise provides training on the following topics:

  • Understanding the breed and why this is important

  • Understanding your puppy as an individual

  • Mental vs. physical stimulation - why both are important

  • Preventing separation anxiety

  • Jumping up & how to prevent

  • Toilet training 

  • Crate training (if required)

  • How to teach commands effectively

  • Lead work and recall training

  • Teething- what to do

  • The importance of socialisation and why this can be different for every dog

  • Habituation - why this is important

Louise also provides training walks, see our pricing page for more details.


Puppy Socials

These take place in a secure field where they have supervised play and recalls from play to maintain good training in social scenarios. The puppy socials include the social, collection & drop off  and the fee for the secure field.


Dog Training

Louise can help with a variety of issues including obedience training, lead pulling, recall and reactivity to name a few. She will work closely alongside you, teaching easy to follow techniques that will greatly benefit both you and your beloved canine friend. She does not believe in a 'one size fits' all approach as each breed and dog are completely different and should be treated as an individual. She will spend time talking to you to obtain a detailed history of the dog, making sure each session is bespoke to you and your dogs individual needs. 

Adult dog training consultations are 60 minutes. Training walks can also be provided however to ensure the best outcome for clients a training consultation is required prior to training walks being undertaken. 

Louise is experienced and qualified to refer to a behaviourist where required. She works solely with the fantastic Kati Sheerman of Devoted Dogs, our partner dog  behaviourist for all referrals.

If you would like to book in for a training consultation with Louise or one of our other services, you can do so here for more information on our services.